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Intensive Residential Course 8-11 October 2020

Alto Monferrato Wine Region, Italy

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT book by 18 July 2020. Limited places still available. Contact us for group discount.

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"Only when our clever brain and our human heart work together can we reach our full potential” – Jane Goodall


I work with committed women and men, who want the best for their team and organisation, but struggle to be fully effective given the speed and quantity of incoming information, unrelenting uncertainty, ever more complex and emotionally loaded social context, daily business demands, and today's ever changing business environment.

Living Leadership is designed to help you improve your impact, credibility and effectiveness as influencers and role models by consciously harnessing the fundamental human qualities that underlie all great leadership – Dignity, Presence, Courage and Ownership. Every competency we value, everything that allows us to learn, develop and evolve, has these fundamentally human qualities, available to all of us at any time, at its core.


Great leaders demonstrate the power of integrating "honing your leadership" with what we call “softening your leadership” – cultivating and integrating archetypically feminine qualities such as listening, empathy, receptiveness, big picture perspective, relationship and systems focus – and expressing them through Dignity, Presence, Courage and Ownership.​ 


Take a moment to reflect on these questions:

  • Who do you choose to be as a leader?

  • What outcomes are you creating for yourself, your team, your organisation?

  • Is your impact the one you are intentionally creating or do you feel like you're being swept along?


Know yourself, empower yourself and your people, drive conscious business.


By knowing ourselves deeply, we can take ownership of our emotions, motivations, perceptions and beliefs that drive our behaviours, communication and decision-making.  This course will equip you with a reflective process and a unique model to lead yourself - and then to translate knowledge into leading others, creating the space for crucial conversations, decision-making and successful strategy creation.  This is the first in a series of retreats and can be attended as a stand-alone course.


We draw from different disciplines, including Co-Active leadership, the Leadership Development Framework, systems' work, mindfulness, the interpersonal sciences and neurobiology, to offer experiential learning that is accessible and challenging.

What you'll experience on the course:

  • Explore with others the impact of your unique way of seeing and making meaning of the world

  • Develop your own leadership style through connection with others and become intentional in your actions

  • Engage with the unique Living Leadership model, and specially designed reflective practices to increase emotional intelligence and strengthen relationships

  • Cultivate keen present moment awareness of your habitual patterns and how to work with them​

  • Time and space to reflect on the impact and outcomes you are creating now and what you would like to create instead

During the course you will:


  • be introduced to sense-making and vertical leadership development - how it shapes our lives from our relationships, behaviours and capacity for growth to individual and collective decision-making.

  • cultivate emotional resilience and learning agility to manage yourself and others in tight situations.​​

  • experiment with ways to diffuse emotionally-loaded conversations and to raise the quality of dialogue to get beyond polarisation.

  • learn a framework to foster a high-trust, open and generative culture.

  • have opportunities for some one-on-one conversations with Christina

  • be challenged to embrace quite radical self-honesty, question your beliefs, your worldview, and how you see yourself - in service of practicing lucid thinking and discernment.

  • gather into small inquiry groups to support each other on an ongoing basis after the retreat*

Why a residential course?  Why not day training in a city? 

The residential course setting has been chosen specifically to give you the space, time and environment to reflect deeply, think expansively, have open generative conversations, and share experiences with peers in an informal setting. In our overly busy lives, this kind of space and quiet time, just to take stock, think things through, gain awareness, clarity and new perspectives is immensely rare and valuable. The retreat is a chance to take care of your body, mind and spirit to get the most of your learning experience.

This course will be highly experiential and will also include time for reflection, enjoying the simple pleasures of life and, of course, connection with others.  There'll be home-cooked organic food, time for you to relax in the spa and take care of yourself, and the opportunity to join a biodynamic wine-tasting tour.  We believe that reconnecting with nature is an essential element and the beautiful Casa Wallace estate in the Monferrato wine region offers the perfect setting.



You will receive free access to the Living Leadership - Unlearning, Relearning Essentials online course and you are warmly invited to complete it before attending. 

Package discount on the Unlearning, Relearning retreat when booked together with Living Leadership Level 1.


* Facilitation available at additional cost

** book before 18 July 2020

Ready to step into this transformative experience with Christina?  If not yet, and you'd like a taster of my work, please contact us and we'd be happy to have a conversation with you.


Meet your Facilitator


Authorised Practitioner

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Christina Lombardi-Somaschini

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I'm an avid skier and I often use skiing as a metaphor for leadership and for living one's life to the fullest. Along with photography and evolving business, skiing is a life-long love of mine. Doing the same slope a hundred times is always different. No two runs are the same, even if you (think you) "know" the piste.


I learned the same is true of every person, every business - they may seem superficially similar, but even when you enter a familiar company a few months later, everything has changed. With photography, skiing and business, I have to be ever present to the Now - conditions, terrain, people - and rapidly make adjustments as necessary. My time working in Investment Banking probably gave me the most extreme exposure to volatility and instant change.

We never know what the mountain, the weather and our fellow skiers might throw up out of nowhere, but when we feel confident in our skills, we know we can deal with it and enjoy the thrill of improvisation and grounded panic-free response.

I've learned to appreciate and revel in uncertainty and the unforeseeable in real life too - the unknowability of tomorrow. I lean into myself and others to create from what is here right now, to make the best of the situation.


That freedom and joy is what I feel called upon to share - to help you lean into your whole human self and the extraordinary connection with others available to you from there - to not be overwhelmed, but to live fully.


Lauren, Communications

Christina has designed and facilitated one of the best coaching experiences I have ever been on. I leave feeling immensely humble and grateful, most importantly I feel confident that this experience has had a significant impact on my life

New York Office

Rebecca, Senior Project Manager

This retreat gave me inspiring, surprising and challenging insights. That made me understand myself more as well as others and will support me in private as well as work life. 

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Karen, Master Certified Coach

I love the lightness and positivity although the essence is ‘essential’ and profound

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