Leadership Development Coaching

We offer one-to-one Leadership Development for Executives, Directors and Senior Management. We use the rigourous Harthill Leadership Development Framework in combination with our own proprietary leadership development model as the basis of the coaching engagement. 

Each leader operates from a dominant Action Logic - the leader's centre of gravity, which is the result of experience and learnings. A leader’s Action Logic can enable and constrain effectiveness, their own and that of their team and organisation.

Becoming aware of their Action Logic provides leaders with crucial insights into what constrains their effectiveness and importantly, how they can develop beyond these constraints into an empowered stance. The coaching work enables the leader to see themselves and the world more clearly and completely; and this new seeing informs new ways of behaving, decision-making and communicating to be more effective.


By the end of our engagement our clients will have gained new awareness, evolved competencies and, usually, a radically different paradigm to operate from.


Leadership Development Programs

We deliver Leadership Development training programs based on our own proprietary model. Programs can be in-house or run as intensive retreats.

Our program focuses on:

  • working with and in complex systems

  • cultivating learning agility

  • co-creation and innovation through empowered relationships

  • nurturing entrepreneurial spirit

  • honing cognitive and critical thinking skills

  • unique tactical and strategic decision-making tools and methodology

  • raising the quality of conversations and interactions

  • bringing the best of humanity to the fore

Team Building 4.0

In the Digital Era, Team Building 4.0 is geared towards cultivating and expanding uniquely human traits and characteristics.

We firmly believe that what is needed most to transform good teams into highly effective future-ready teams is a return to what makes us fundamentally human:

  • valuing and leaning into diversity

  • cultivating connection and resilient relationships

  • fine-tuned collective critical thinking and decision-making

  • individual and collective ownership for creating psychological safety and trust


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