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Christina Lombardi-Somaschini

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I'm an avid skier and I often use skiing as a metaphor for leadership and for living one's life to the fullest. Along with photography and evolving business, skiing is a life-long love of mine. Doing the same slope a hundred times is always different. No two runs are the same, even if you (think you) "know" the piste.


I learned the same is true of every person, every business - they may seem superficially similar, but even when you enter a familiar company a few months later, everything has changed. With photography, skiing and business, I have to be ever present to the Now - conditions, terrain, people - and rapidly make adjustments as necessary. My time working in Investment Banking probably gave me the most extreme exposure to volatility and instant change.

We never know what the mountain, the weather and our fellow skiers might throw up out of nowhere, but when we feel confident in our skills, we know we can deal with it and enjoy the thrill of improvisation and grounded panic-free response.

I've learned to appreciate and revel in uncertainty and the unforeseeable in real life too - the unknowability of tomorrow. I lean into myself and others to create from what is here right now, to make the best of the situation.


That freedom and joy is what I feel called upon to share - to help you lean into your whole human self and the extraordinary connection with others available to you from there - to not be overwhelmed, but to live fully.

Our Team

Lauren, Communications

Christina has designed and facilitated one of the best coaching experiences I have ever been on. I leave feeling immensely humble and grateful, most importantly I feel confident that this experience has had a significant impact on my life

New York Office

Rebecca, Senior Project Manager

This retreat gave me inspiring, surprising and challenging insights. That made me understand myself more as well as others and will support me in private as well as work life. 

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Karen, Master Certified Coach

I love the lightness and positivity although the essence is ‘essential’ and profound

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