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bring your leadership to life


I'm Christina Lombardi-Somaschini and I support committed leaders in their development to increase impact, effectiveness and credibility.

Nobler Path was born of a desire to contribute, to connect deeply on a human level, and to support people, pragmatically and meaningfully, in their development as high impact leaders.  

I believe that what is needed now is more meaningful interaction with each other, and strong self-awareness. Now is the time to raise the quality of our conversations, our thinking, our learning and our decision-making.


 In order to do this, I believe we need to reawaken to our capacity for presence and Being With everything that presents itself - whether we like it or not. We can only drive change by facing our present day reality and working with that.


At Nobler Path I walk with my clients on their leadership journey, working with them to cultivate their ability to take full ownership of the situation and to create from what is, right here and now; to do their inner work, so they can face today's challenges with equanimity and resilience. 

And in this way we can intentionally choose to take the Nobler Path, the path we feel is most appropriate at any given time. 

If you're looking to be intentional, empower yourself and others, and to drive conscious change, then I'd love to have a conversation with you. For larger projects, I draw upon a carefully selected circle of fellow coaches and facilitators to create a highly experienced team.

For further information or to have a chat, please contact me via LinkedIn.

Now is the time to raise the quality of our conversations, our thinking, our learning and our decision-making.


Leadership Development Coaching

Make the first step: invest in yourself and lead with presence.

Team Building 4.0

Is your team ready for the challenges of the 21st Century? Discover your capacity for resilience and co-creation in times of constant flux.

Leadership Development Programs

Awaken to your deepest, most expansive self. Discover your own unique Leadership and how to make your highest contribution out in the world. Take your first step into radical acceptance of You and your Human Being.


Nobler Path runs retreats in Italy and Scotland on Leadership.

  • Take ownership of your emotional responses and decision-making processes as a leader

  • Develop understanding of your habitual patterns and how to work with them

  • Acquire a leadership framework that helps you actively make the changes needed to be more impactful

  • Take charge of your personal development through reflective practices and in-the-field application

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